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The selection of extra virgin olive oil marketed by Aprulia Taste includes a very highquality range from southern Italy.
The oils chosen by our staff come from mills located in the most flourishing and famous areas of Italy for the production of quality olives.
Our company offers a selection of the highest quality coming from niche craftsmanship and capable of satisatisfying all the tastes of our customers.
Our oils are also perfect to adapt to any type of food, in particular to Italian food, famous all overthe world for being absolutely exclusive and unique, just like the Aprulia Taste range.
We guide the customer to discover our extra virgin and aromatic oil catalog in a meticulous way, to guarantee maximum satisfaction at the right price.

Tondaiblea Tondaiblea Puglia


Originally from the city of Corato, it is an olive cultivar typical of Puglia and cultivated throughout the North Barese countryside. The medium-sized and vigorous tree is well suited to various soils (also calcareous and stony), also thanks to a good rizogena capacity; however the optimal cultivation environment is the fertile and irrigated hill. It has expanded foliage. Being fairly resistant to all diseases in general (even to Verticillium dahliae), it also adapts well to organic farming. The small toes are typically grown in clusters; ovarian abortion is limited (10-15%). The fruiting branches are short and thin. Enter precociously in production; productivity is good but sometimes alternating; collection period: late (November to January). Yield in high oil: 20-25%. The oil coming from the milling of this olive is usually rich in polyphenols, with low peroxide values and lowest acidity (<0.2%); it is a yellow-green oil with a very intense and fruity flavor, slightly bitter due to the high concentration of oleuropein and typically spicy due to its high concentration of polyphenols (about 560 mg / kg).

Dono Dorato Dono Dorato Sicilia

Dono Dorato

As strong, fascinating and wonderful as an olive wood. Tonda iblea is the first extract of excellence presented by Villa Ponte. A pure oil obtained from the Tonda iblea cultivar which our company grows on its own property in Chiaramonte Gulfi and which is destined to be D.O.P. (Denominazione Origine Protetta ? Protected Designation of Origin) Monti Iblei of the well known Gulfi subzone.

Oro del moro Oro del moro Abruzzo

Oro del moro

ABRUZZO Precious extra virgin olive oil produced by early harvesting of green olives (therefore low yield), with Leccino and Gentile di Chieti varieties, obtained by first cold pressing through mechanical procedures. High quality extra virgin olive oil which preserves unchanged sensorial characteristics such as the fruity and the limpid green color. Excellent raw, it has a very low acidity.

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