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We keep exploring the finest brewers, over the country, because we want to give you the best choise of craft beers in Italy

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Craft beer is a raw beer, whole and without added preservatives with a high content of enthusiasm and creativity.
Craft beer is produced by artisans in very limited quantities.
It is artisanal when it is driven by passion.

Blanche Blanche Belgian style


Antoniana ai Tadi beer is inspired by Belgian blanche. A slender, thirstquenching and spiced beer with rich and persistent aromas that will gently tickle your palate.

Ambrata Ambrata Bright golder color


Bright golden color, with generous and compact foam. Delicate scent of yeasts and fruit, soft body and taste in harmony between the fragrances of exotic fruit and cloves. Good sparkling, pleasantly fresh and spicy aftertaste.

Sbalenka Sbalenka La radler not lined


A completely natural specialty, where we mainly used elderflower, ginger and alpine gentian, as well as coriander, sage and lemon zest. A mix of local herbs that combined with the low alcohol content make it extremely thirst-quenching, with an unforgettable aroma and completely without added sugar.

Federico II Federico II Golden Ale

Federico II

Intense yellow beer, produced with 100% barley malt, with a fresh, basically bitter taste and herbaceous aftertaste given by the use of selected hops, compact foam, creamy and adherent. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, highly fermented and refermented in the bottle.

Pizzica Pizzica Belgian Style


First homage to the land of Salento this high fermentation beer is characterized by an intense gold color and a persistent foam. The malty tones are well balanced by those of the hops in order to allow the scents of yeast to reach the nose and palate. The low alcohol content and the note of chilli make it a tantalizing, thirstquenching beer worthy of the name.

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